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   For a project in my anthology class, I drew inspiration from obituaries, which in my hometown are displayed on a board in the city centre specifically designated for this purpose, as well as published in newspapers and other media.

   During my research, I discovered that funeral homes across the country use about 20 templates for obituary notices, which prompted me to design an alternative version that celebrates the uniqueness and personality of the deceased.

   I also went a step further and created funeral ceremony invitations,

as well as customised and personalised Hymnal to complement the obituary.


To maintain the gothic aesthetics of the original design, I put a twist on the graphics and illustrations. The artwork was created using the lino print technique and digitally edited to give it a press-relief feel. My aim was to create a design that conveys a sense of holistic purity while breaking it with an intensity of deep red colour symbolising the beauty of life through feelings of passion, love, joy, and anger.

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