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   Videre Licet is a self-guided journal I created in 2022. The name is inspired by the Latin phrase meaning "to be seen" or "it is permitted to see," and the journal is designed to help people leave bits of their thoughts

and experiences behind.

   When my grandfather passed away in 2021, I wished there was something that would allow me to know him better and hear about his everyday thoughts and experiences. He had never been one to talk too much, especially when it came to his emotions. This experience influenced me to design a self-guided journal with monthly or weekly entries to help people reflect on their lives and make it easier to get into a routine of filling out entries.  In a process leaving a piece of their knowledge, experiences and thoughts for the future generations to cherish once they are gone.

   Each monthly page features a different flower that symbolizes attributes of death in various cultures. The design of the journal is inspired by nature, with wood rings and stone textures representing longevity, stability, and harmony.

Illustrations form the journal are available
to purchase from my Adobe Stock account

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